Highway Code POLL: Should new rules for drivers be axed after furious backlash?

Derbyshire: Cyclist goes through red light

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The Government imposed changes to the regulations, giving pedestrians and cyclists more right of way on UK roads. According to the Government website, these changes set a new “hierarchy of road users”. As stated on “The hierarchy places those road users most at risk in the event of a collision at the top of the hierarchy.”

As part of the new rules, motorists now have to give way to pedestrians trying to cross a road at junctions, as well as to people on zebra crossings.

At the same time, cyclists should ride “in the centre of their lane on quiet roads, in slower-moving traffic and at the approach to junctions or road narrowings”.

The backlash to the new regulations has been strong, with motorists reacting to the increased priority given to pedestrians and cyclists, and highlighting potential danger.

In a statement, Tory MP Matthew Offord said that “some cyclists and pedestrians are now under a belief they have always right of way on the road”.

Offord confronted the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for “fouling up London with more draconian vehicles restrictions”.

The Conservative backbencher claimed that a number of his constituents are reaching out for clarifications on the new Highway Code.

A survey by AA showed that 33 percent of drivers were unaware of the changes to the Highway Code.

Concurrently, 4 percent of the motorists asked said they had “no intention” of looking at the new rules.

Leicestershire Live reporter, Corey Bedford took to the streets of Leicester and put the data to test.

Within 40 minutes of Bedford trying to cross the road at the Gaul Street and Harrow Road junction, only one motorist gave him way and let him cross.

A fine of £200, along with six points on the driver’s licence awaits drivers caught disobeying the new rules.

On the other hand, motorists and pedestrians are furious at cyclists taking advantage of their priority as vehicles on the road.

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Readers of blasted inconsiderate cyclists that often refuse to stop at red traffic lights.

A reader with username overton951 said: “Far too many cyclists think the rules don’t apply to them…”

And NID commented: “I am both a motorist and a cyclist and I do not run red lights as either.

“Most of us cyclists have a brain and use it sensibly, these idiots who run red lights and moan do not.”

On their side, cyclists reacted to a series of fines being issued by Greater Manchester Police for running red lights.

The pedallers raise the issue of prioritising, with road safety campaigner CyclingMikey questioning the police:

“Shouldn’t you be doing more evidence-led policing, focusing on the most harmful and most lawbreaking?”

Another police operation in Hackney, East London has left 18 cyclists fined for jumping the lights.

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