Hilarious mud-obsessed spaniel rolls in filthy puddle like a happy hippo

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Sally was left unrecognisable as she covered herself head to toe in mud. But thankfully her owner Nicola Phillips saw the funny side, although she insisted the cheeky pup had a good swim before she was allowed back in the car.

Ms Phillips, from Redditch, Worcestershire, had a day off work and decided to head out for a walk with Sally and her border collie, Maggie.

While they were out at Ipsley Meadows, the inquisitive dog decided to dive head first into a pool of mud until her entire fur coat was completely covered in muck.

Nicola, 42, said: “I had to burst out laughing and let her carry on, she was enjoying herself, but unfortunately no-one else was around to see it ‑ such a shame.

“I knew I had to take some pictures of this because she has never done it this bad before.

“Once she had finished we just carried on walking, but I was thinking there is no way she is going in the car like that.”

Fortunately there was a nearby stream for the dog to have a wash in before heading back to the car. 

Nicola added: “I wanted to wear her out so we had a bit of peace at home. If you have a spaniel, you know what I mean.

“But to be honest I really don’t mind her doing this in puddles, I find it funny and I could not stop laughing. I sent the pictures to my partner and the response was, ‘What’s wrong with that dog?’

“Yes, she is nuts, but we wouldn’t change her ever.”

Sally isn’t the first dog to find internet fame after taking a mud bath. 

A golden retriever was left with only a tiny amount of fur on show after he wallowed in some mud.

Murphy was on a walk in Blackwood Forest, Hampshire, with his owner, Gill Smith, when she found him lying in a murky pit.

It’s a common trait of golden retrievers that they have a ‘muck radar’, but Gill, 50, from Overton, let Murphy have his moment of fun.

The 16-month-old pup’s favourite way to cool off on a warm day is to drench himself in mud, and this puddle saw three-quarters of his lovely coat turn brown.

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