Homeless couple living off Greggs sandwiches and sleeping in car face Christmas stranded

Pensioner faces homelessness after making bank transfer error

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Judd Day and Jade Wass are currently bedding down in their Ford Focus after a wrangle over housing while their two children are being looked after by relatives. The couple claims they have been forced to wash in supermarket sinks and even the sea, adding they are surviving on Greggs sandwiches or fast food takeaways.

They had moved to Birmingham to be closer to Judd’s family, but after issues with their flat they decided to move back to their hometown of Middlesbrough in September, thinking they would be rehoused.

However, complications with the local council have left them stuck ever since and facing the festive season in their motor.

Jade, 26, told The Sun: “We will be here for Christmas most likely, but we don’t want to be.

“We’ve begged the council to put us in emergency accommodation which they did for two nights before making us leave.

“It’s embarrassing seeing people coming past and looking and laughing at us. They should put themselves in our position and see how they feel,” she added.

Judd added: “We’ve bought body sprays and shampoos and we’ve gone into Morrisons to wash.

“We’re wearing pairs of socks for three days because we have no washer. If they give us a house and we had our dole money we would be able to get proper shopping in.”

Judd explained the couple have about £15 to £20 a day to spend on petrol to get around to buy food and to keep the engine on at night.


“We have to rely on buying takeaways, sandwiches and coffees from places like Greggs and the local bakers. We have two meals a day at the most but we have to go out to buy it,” he said.

The 33-year-old said he has had Covid symptoms for a few days but has nowhere to properly isolate.

“I’m going out in the community to buy hot drinks and food,” he said.

He explained that the money the couple get in benefits per month only lasts two-and-a-half weeks.

“After that we have to ask strangers to see if they have any spare change. We’re so cramped in the car, if we were in a house I would at least be able to be smart and get clean,” he said.

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According to the couple, people have suggested they stay in a B&B, but Judd and Jade say they could only afford to for 10 days.

“What would we do after that?” Judd asked.

The couple claim police officers have knocked on their windows telling them to move their car on but local residents have been more supportive.

And because their two children, who are aged three and six, are staying with relatives, they only see their parents every fortnight.

Jade said it’s “horrible” not seeing her kids and being apart has made their dire situation “even worse”.

She said: “I see them about once a fortnight and it’s absolutely killing me.”

Jade added that Judd can’t work because of his mental health issues and difficulties.

“We get £500 a month and then Judd gets an extra £348. I can’t work either because I have bad back problems after a serious car accident, so medically I can’t.” she said.

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