Horrifying moment thugs attack stranger in the street and rob him

Manchester: CCTV captures moment man attacked by strangers

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Shocking footage shows a man being attacked and robbed, minutes after being followed by two drunk thugs. The young man had reportedly been enjoying a night out on Canal Street, in Manchester, when he was verbally abused by Ryan Partington.

As he walked home alone, after being separated from friends, he became aware Partington, 29, was following him. 

According to the Manchester Evening News, after crossing the road to avoid him, he was followed again by Partington and another man, Zack Kelly, 24. They both launched an unprovoked attack on him and robbed him, before he managed to run away and call the police.

In the CCTV footage shared with the publication, the man can be seen walking past Minshull Street Crown Court in the early hours of the morning on September 7. He briefly stops and looks behind him before he continues walking quickly. 

Within seconds, Partington, wearing a black baseball cap, can be seen running up to him. In the next shot, Partington walks alongside the man, who takes his jacket out of his bag and puts it on. Partington then grabs him round the waist and holds onto him, before letting him go.

The footage shows the man crossing the road onto a nearby side street. Partington then meets with Kelly, who stands on the corner of the road for a couple of minutes before they walk up to the road where the man had walked down.

The victim appears to have been checking the road before he was joined by the men.

Both Kelly and Partington walk alongside the man before he is grabbed by Partington from behind, and punched by Kelly. He is dragged to the ground as the men scuffle, with Kelly kneeing him. They are also seen to grab the bag and white jacket from him in the frightening attack.

Manchester Crown Court heard that the victim ran to a nearby pub where he called the police, and was told it would take them up to an hour to attend.

Afterwards, Partington recorded a series of videos on the victim’s iPhone, boasting of what they had done, before they went to a nearby shop and tried to buy energy drinks and cigarettes with his bank card.

Later, the victim called his friend for help, who later found Partington in a ‘semi-conscious’ state, along with the iPhone.

In a victim personal statement read to the court, he said that following the robbery he was in a state of shock. He has since described being afraid to go clubbing and is anxious thinking about what could have happened. He said that at the time he thought he was going to get stabbed and left there.

Both Partington and Kelly admitted an offence of robbery. Partington, of no fixed abode, was jailed for 26 months; and Kelly, also of no fixed abode, was jailed for 24 months.

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