Horror as dog ripped from owner’s arms and mauled to death on beach

A Chihuahua was killed by an “out of control” greyhound after being ripped from the arms of its horrified owner.

Five-year-old Pixie was being walked along a beach when the other dog “came charging towards her”.

The greyhound then tore Pixie from her owner’s arms and mauled her to death.

Maya Paton shared a post on Facebook in which she said the greyhound had been off lead where the two dogs were being walked on Croy Shore Beach, near Ayr.

The post said: “My mum had Pixie on her lead and had picked her up when she saw the dog charging towards them. The greyhound ripped Pixie out of her harness from my mum’s arms. We lost our beautiful girl, she was only five-years-old.

“We are absolutely heartbroken. Our lives have been turned upside down all because of an owner who couldn’t properly control or call back their dog.”

Maya said her mum and her other pet Chihuahua have been left traumatised by the attack. The heartbroken family are now raising awareness in the hope of avoiding other pets suffering a similar fate, reports the Daily Record 

Maya added: “This is a message to all dog owners – keep your dog on a lead in public places if you can’t control it or if it does not have good recall.

“My mum has been left traumatised and so has her other chihuahua who was there during the attack. They can no longer go a walk without feeling unsafe around other dogs.

“If you see an owner put their dog on a lead when they see your dog, or if their dog is already on a lead and you can see the owner actively avoiding the route you and your dog are taking – keep your dog on a lead and at a distance until you have passed. There are reasons why they do not want to be near your dog. We don’t want this to happen to anyone else.

“If you are apprehensive about your dogs behaviour, keep them on a lead.”

Paying tribute to the beloved pet, Maya continued: “Pixie was sweet, fun, cheeky, loyal and incredibly loving. The beach was her happy place. You will always be so loved, our little princess.”

One person said: “This is so horrendous. Sending lots of love to you and your family, especially your mum.”

Another said: “That is absolutely heartbreaking. Poor little darling. I have a little one year old chihuahua and I always worry about other big dogs being off their leads around him.

A third added: “That is just so sad and terrifying. Sending love.”

Police Scotland were approached for comment.

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