Horror as spiked trap ‘that could kill a child’ found in beauty spot

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A terrifying trap that “could kill a child” was discovered at a popular Manchester beauty spot. The crude but potentially lethal spiked trap was found by a dog walker hidden in a puddle, raising fears that there could be more concealed in the area.

The site of the former Hartshead Power Station in Stalybridge, Tameside, is a popular destination for families to go walking together. 

But when the man, who has asked not to be identified, went for a walk with his dog and it raced through a puddle, the horrifying piece of equipment was knocked out of the water, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The trap appears to be a piece of metal piping, to which several nails have been welded. 

A warning has now been issued to walkes and families in the area, as there could be more of the devices hidden under the ground.

The site is also popular with horse riders, and can also be used by off-road bikers – the latter of which the man reckons is the cause for the traps. 

He said he believes the trap was put down to deter bikers, by popping their tyres as they ride over it.

After writing of his find on Facebook, the dog walker said he had alerted Greater Manchester Police by calling 101, as well as the landowners.

He said on Facebook: “Found this today on the old power station land in Carrbrook, hidden in a puddle that my dog ran though and knocked it out of. Could of ended a lot worse, but if someone’s made the effort of making one, there’s definitely more.

“Kids play on that land, people walk dogs and ride horses. If a horse was to step on that, it wold be thousands of pounds in vet bills. I know these have probably been made to stop the off road bikes/cars, but at the end of the day they could kill a small child.”

The picturesque Tame Valley Park site, once also home to Millbrook Sidings, is the focus of multi-million pound plans for a huge new community park and housing development.

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