Horror moment driver fiercely tries to beat back gang of car thieves

Birmingham: Carjacking gang throw man from his car

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A desperate driver helplessly tried to fight off a group of car thieves who pinched his white BMW parked in a parking space in Birmingham. As the unnamed man gets off his car, he spots a black-dressed and masked criminal holding a flashlight followed by another one. In his defence, the man shouts at the top of his lungs and runs towards the two tugs.

CCTV footage shows the man apparently crying out for help as three masked men circle him around his car. One of them tries to hold him to allow his two fellow thieves to unlock the car door and steal it.

But the man bravely pushes against the assailant and keeps shouting as loudly as possible in a desperate call for help. While he is fighting back against one of the thieves, the other two are trying to unlock the left front door of the car. 

After several failed attempts, one of them finally forces open the car door and gets into the car. The man shrieks in vain as he is visibly outnumbered and can’t stop the three thugs. 

The BMW driver then valiently climbs into his car in a last-ditch bid to stop them. Despite his best efforts, the man is violently thown out of his car and left to his own devices.

To the man’s relief, the police took no time in tracking down the gang after they stole a black Audi A3 in Oldbury – the same car they used to then steal the white BMW. The high-speed chase reached speeds of up to 132mph and saw the thieves drive down the wrong side of a residential road until police used a stinger to blow out the tyres of two stolen cars.

Local police estimate the group of criminals stole up to 100 cars last year alone in a violent spree of burglaries and carjackings between December 2020 and December 2021. 

Besides the three thieves, another member of the gang of seven was arrested following the 40-mile car chase. Three 16-year-olds and Jordan Jones, 19, were detained in connection with the incident. Jamoy Simpson, 19, and two other teenagers were detained in connection with two separate thefts.

Detectives were originally looking into 15 thefts. But after looking through the gang’s phones, they expanded their investigation to 97 offences. This reportedly included Instagram pictures of two of the 16-year-olds posing in the trunk of a stolen BMW M4.

Five of the seven were sentenced on November 16 after entering guilty pleas to a number of counts in October.

Jamoy Simpson received a sentence of nine years and six months in jail for robbery and conspiracy to burgle, while Jones was sentenced to four years and two months for conspiracy to burgle.

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One of the 16-year-olds was sentenced to four years and six months for robbery and conspiracy to commit burglary, while the 17-year-old received a sentence of four years and eleven months.

Finally, a 16-year-old boy was given a 12-month prison term for a lesser offence and was later released after serving his time. Two more 16-year-olds will get their sentences on December 1.

Detective Sergeant Wayne Dudley, who led the investigation, reportedly said: “It’s shocking that a group of largely children could be responsible for such a sizeable burglary and car theft conspiracy.

“Most of the vehicles were stolen by snapping door locks and forcing entry. Some car keys were taken while people slept, but the CCTV footage we’ve released shows they were prepared to confront victims and use violence. This was a really complex, detailed investigation involving seven offenders and at least 97 offences.”

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