Hotel hits back after tourists ‘leave immediately’ without checking in

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A hotel has hit back at a complaint left by a tourist who claimed staff members were rude and uncooperative during a visit last month.

Taking to TripAdvisor, the unhappy traveller warned other users to avoid The Bonham Hotel in West End, Edinburgh, “at all costs.”

In the review, the user said she and her partner had stayed at the Bonham “many times over the years.”

However, on this occasion, the couple left immediately without checking in to stay elsewhere in the city, reports Edinburgh Live.

The reviewer wrote: “Terrible experience upon arrival with some member of staff at the front entrance – no name but not helpful or pleasant.

“We had an immediate complaint and [the member of staff] was rude and uncooperative about it, resulting in a verbal confrontation.”

The reviewer said they left right away and stayed at another hotel in St Andrew’s Square where they were “treated with respect and decency.”

However, The Bonham Hotel general manager hit back at the reviewer saying the hotel will not be able to accommodate the couple now or on any future visit.

“As explained yesterday, we do not accept verbal abuse and swearing at our staff which is wholly unacceptable in any environment.

“I’m afraid this meant we were unable to accommodate you on this stay or any future visit,” the manager said.

“I am glad you were able to find alternative accommodation that better suited you for this trip and in the future.”

The Bonham Hotel has an average 4.5 star rating out of more than 2,000 reviews on TripAdvisor.

Taking to Edinburgh Live’s Facebook page one person wrote: “Well done Bonham, barred the uncouth and self entitled from any future visits. Excellent result backing and protecting your staff.”

Another person said: “Unless something drastic like water is running down the stairs or the gable end has fallen off then nobody should complain upon arrival. I smell refund bandits.”

A third person added: “Stayed at hotel & had lunch there on many occasions & have found all the staff incredibly helpful.”

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