‘House of horrors!’ Tenant leaves 5,000 beer cans filled with urine after toilet broke

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Gold Stars Haulage Removals were called to clean up a flat in South Tyneside, Newcastle. After being told the flat was left in a “bit of a mess”, they discovered thousands of beer cans filled with urine.

After the tenant’s toilet broke, they started using empty beer cans to urinate.

Upon discovering the “disgusting” mess, Gold Stars requested help from cleaning company Partners in Grime.

On their Facebook page, the haulage firm described the scene as a “house of horrors”.

Images on the page showed beer cans piled across the home, along with discarded cigarette packets and pizza boxes.

Company director Johnathon Caisley said that while the firm got a briefing on what was in the flat, “it was nothing like what we expected”.

He added: “All the beer cans were filled with urine. The tenant broke his toilet for God knows how long and filled every can in the house.

“It was the smell, it was disgusting.”

“There was three bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen all absolutely full to the brim. The cupboards were filled with them as well.”

Gold Stars reported it took them two and a half hours to clean the entire property.

Jonathon from Newcastle admitted to The Scottish Sun it was the worst job Gold Stars had completed since being established last year.

Partners in Grime worked to remove the content of the cans, and the hauling company took them away.

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