How about a plan? Frustrated Brit rages on GB News over Labour failure ‘Pathetic isn’t it’

LBC: Iain Dale criticises Labour for lack of proposals

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GB News host Patrick Christys went on to the streets of London to speak to the public and find out their thoughts on Boris Johnson and the Tory Government’s latest proposal for social care. One disgruntled man argued that he wanted to see more constructive opposition from the Labour Party. Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer and his party have been very critical of the Tory Government after the announcement they would be increasing the National Insurance tax. 

However, the frustrated man argued that it was pathetic that the party had not offered up any viable alternatives. 

He also admitted he was not in full support of the Conservative Government’s decision.

He said: “We keep paying for the NHS, where does it go.

“Wasn’t it Gordon Brown that destroyed everybody’s final salary pension scheme to pay for the NHS?

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“We are in the same position now as we were then.”

He went on to say: “I would like to see a bit more opposition.

“Why doesn’t the opposition come up with a plan.

“They have refused to support him but I don’t know if they have said anything else.

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“That is pathetic, isn’t it.”

More to follow…

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