How many General Election candidates have been caught saying something bad?

With the General Election campaign only two days in, candidates across the parties have already been forced to stand down over old Tweets and comments that have come back to haunt them.

From anti-Semitic posts to claiming ‘animal testing should be carried out on Remainers’, here’s a list of all those who have been forced to quit.

Labour Party

Kate Ramsden

Labour election candidate Kate Ramsden was forced to quit after comparing the actions of Israel to a child abuser.

The candidate for Gordon in Scotland wrote in an old blog post that Israel was ‘like many abusers, unable to reflect on their own abuse, and ending up recreating it in the abuse of others, exerting their power on those weaker than themselves because once they were the powerless.’

She also wrote: ‘To me the Israeli state is like an abused child who becomes an abusive adult.’

The Unison union official also said that anti-Semitism accusations against Jeremy Corbyn were ‘orchestrated by the wealthy establishment’.

Gideon Bull

Mr Bull was Labour’s candidate in Clacton, he stepped down after being accused of making an anti-Semitic comment to a colleague at Haringey Council.

It was alleged that he used a term ‘Shylock’, which is regarded as being antisemitic.

He has denied the claims.

Frances Hoole

The Scottish Labour party dropped Frances Hoole who was due to stand in Edinburgh South West.

Ms Hoole had posted a controversial image on Twitter of her rival Joanna Cherry, whom she was hoping to defeat.

A picture of Cherry with the caption ‘Bang! And the terf is gone’.

TERF, which is an acronym for trans-exclusionary radical feminist, is widely considered to be an insult by many women campaigning for sex-based rights.


Nick Conrad

Although Mr Conrad wasn’t endorsed as a candidate, he was on the shortlist for the safe Tory seat of Broadland.

He quit over comments made in 2004 on air, in which he claimed that women who wanted to stop rape should ‘keep their knickers on’.

Brexit Party

Jill Hughes

Brexit Party candidate Jill Hughes was due to stand in the Yorkshire constituency of Batley and Spen, but was forced to quit after it was revealed that she believed ‘aliens are working with our world Governments’.

Charity Hope not Hate uncovered social media posts in which Ms Hughes claimed she was from a distant star called ‘Sirius’.

Daniel Rudd

The party’s candidate for Stoke-on-Trent North was deselected after offensive Tweets were uncovered from his account in which he said animal testing should be carried out on Remain voters.

Mr Rudd also referred to immigrants as ‘gimmie-grunts’ who just ‘take what they can’ and said Africans ‘were essentially a commodity for sale by their own kind to the highest bidder’.

Philip Walling 

Philip Walling was kicked out by Nigel Farage after taking to Twitter to claim he was backing Boris Johnson on the December 12 election, despite being a candidate in Workington, for the Brexit Party.

A number of candidates have also issued apologies for controversial comments without being forced to quit.

Liberal Democrat Danny Chambers, who is standing in North Cornwall, has been condemned by charities for ridiculing people with learning difficulties and benefits claimants.

Mr Chambers made the comments on Twitter between 2011 and 2014, which he claimed were jokes.

He tweeted: ‘I never give money to Big Issue sellers or Cancer Research collectors. I know they’ll just spend it on drugs.’

Labour candidate Zara Sultana, who has been selected to stand in the safe seat of Coventry South has also received condemnation for backing ‘violent resistance’ against Israel.

She also Tweeted once that she would ‘celebrate’ deaths of Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Earlier today it was reported that Labour candidate Ian Byrne had made a number of controversial social media posts about female politicians.

LBC reported that Mr Byrne, who is running for the safe-seat of Liverpool West Derby, shared a post on Facebook which called for Baroness Michelle Mone, a Scottish entrepeneur, to be attacked.

The post, referring to Baroness Mone, read: ‘Hit the c*** where it hurts.’

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