How to find missing family in Ukraine

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If you’ve lost contact with someone you love in Ukraine, the Red Cross charity aims to help.

It says: “If you are unable to contact your family and you think they are still within the territory of Ukraine, we may be able to help you.

“Please email [email protected] and provide us with your full name and telephone number. A team member from the International Family Tracing service will contact you as soon as possible.”

You can also contact Search for the Missing, a Telegram group set by former model and Ukrainian TV presenter Katya Osadcha which shares information about missing people.

The group has more than 80,000 members since it launched in March and is run by Katy and 15 volunteers who run the group 24 hours a day.

So far, they have helped 300 people find missing relatives.

She says: “You receive pictures of happy people on holidays, and their friends and family are writing to us saying that they are missing and the last call was five days ago from a shelter, and there has been a lot of bombing.”

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