How to get a refund on your car insurance during the Covid crisis

The coronavirus crisis has meant many people have been paying for things they can’t use at the moment – from season tickets to gym memberships.

And now the looser tier system has been done away with and the country has been plunged into a full lockdown enforcing ‘stay at home’ orders, this is the case even more so at the beginning of 2021.

And although those who have cars are still using them a little, for example, to go to the supermarket, you’re probably not getting as many miles out of it as you’d like.

Or at least, as much as you’re paying for on your car insurance.

Some insurers refunded drivers money from their premiums during the first lockdown in March – and you may be able to do so again as a result of the latest restrictions.

Which insurers are giving refunds?

During the first lockdown Admiral automatically gave all its customers a £25 premium refund.

It told the Sun this won’t be repeated but said ‘any changes in our claims experience will be reflected in our pricing for motor customers’.

The company is also waiving any claims excess fees for NHS or emergency service workers, and is offering them a free courtesy vehicle if it is required.

But Direct Line launched a Mileage Moneyback scheme in October, which allows customers to register their current and final mileage and be offered a refund for any difference in pricing based on usage.

A spokesperson said people can fill out an online form to request a refund if they haven’t signed up for this.

Esure is also offering refunds for customers whose mileage is lower than expected, and an Aviva spokesperson said customers who are driving ‘significantly less’ can also review their mileage.

How do I ask for a refund?

If your insurer hasn’t been mentioned above and you’re not sure on their policy, it may be worth asking anyway.

Occasionally though there is an admin fee for changing policy halfway through the contract – but this might be waived in the circumstances.

A spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers told the Sun: ‘Your motor insurer can advise on any options that may help reduce your premium, or if you are worried about  being able to continue to pay premium instalments.

‘Any premium adjustments or refunds will be a matter for individual insurers.’

There are no guarantees you’ll be refunded as you entered into a contract at the start of your policy.

But all insurers are offering options for those struggling financially in the pandemic.

This may include switching cover or arranging payment breaks.

All insurers are offering support to customers in financial difficulty due to the pandemic such as switching to a different sort of cover or arranging payment breaks.

There may also be extra benefits and support for key and NHS workers.

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