Huge four-engine US Air Force C-130J Super Hercules spotted 10,000ft over England

US Air Force jets fly over London area

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The massive four-engine plane flew high above Lincolnshire in the East Midlands. It was spotted north-east of Licoln and just south of Scunthorpe. Twitter account DTY VirtualRadar reported a sighting shortly before 7.30pm This is a bot which tweets the location of mainly military aircraft flying over the UK.

The account wrote: “Callsign: #096207.

“Lockheed MC-130J Hercules of United States Air Force.

“Reg: 09-6207 | Alt: 10287ft | Squawk: 3311 | Icao: #AE29D4 | 188.”

This comes just 24 hours after a massive US Air Force refueler aircraft was flying over England.

Reports showed a Boeing KC-135R close to 5,000ft above ground.

The massive plane was spotted while just south of Coventry.

DTY VirtualRadar reported the sighting shortly before 6pm on Wednesday.

The account said: “Callsign: #QID32.

“Boeing KC-135R of United States Air Force.

“Reg: 63-8008 | Alt: 4739ft | Squawk: 3740 | Icao: #AE048A | 78.”

The same aircraft also made another flight over the UK towards the start of this week.

On Tuesday, the massive plane flew over the east of England.


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