Husky isn’t in the mood for drama as he makes hilarious attempt to avoid telling off

Husky tries to sneak away after owner tells him off

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Despite the husky making a mess on the kitchen floor, Bruce seems to think that he doesn’t deserve the scolding his owner gives him ‑ and his unsuccessful attempts to make a break for it have left viewers in hysterics. In the clip posted on TikTok by @theraleyfam, from Tennessee, USA, the naughty dog has clearly been tucking into something he shouldn’t have, judging by the shredded remains of a food packet on the floor.

Bruce’s cross owner promptly brings the husky in from the garden to confront him. “Was that you?” he asks sternly, indicating the food container.

The husky has no poker face, casting a shifty glance at the mess ‑ and then decides that today is not the day for facing the consequences.

Bruce keeps it casual as he quickly turns and walks straight back outside through the dog door, as if pretending he hasn’t heard his owner’s telling-off at all.

When his owner foils his cunning escape plan by following him outside, Bruce soon sticks his head back through the dog flap ‑ but seeing that his owner has once again followed him, the husky knows he’s been defeated.

Deciding it’s worth one last-ditch attempt, Bruce backs out of the dog door and into the garden with a pleading howl at his owner to save the scolding for another day.

Some of the four and a half million TikTok viewers who fell in love with naughty Bruce’s antics had a guess at what the husky was trying to say.

“He said, ‘I don’t have time for this negativity dad!’” one viewer said.

“I feel like he said ‘I’ll be back when you calm down’,” another commented

“He’s like ‘I’m not answering any questions until my lawyer gets here’,” joked a third.

Bruce isn’t the only melodramatic husky who’s left TikTok viewers in stitches. 

More than 17 million people got a giggle out of Winter’s valiant efforts to do everything in her power to avoid bath time.

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