'I found my son lifeless in his bedroom' – Mum's warning about 'silent killers' after she rescued her two-year-old son

A mother who feared the worst when she discovered her two-year-old son was hanging from a blind cord in his bedroom has warned others about the danger of what she calls “silent killers”.

Aoife O’Hare was at home in Newry preparing food in her kitchen with her children happily playing at her feet when she realised that her son Tommy had gone quiet.

Her natural instincts as a mother kicked in and she ran into his bedroom, where she discovered her son had become entangled in the cord from the window blind.

Although her son was initially unresponsive, thankfully he did survive.

But Ms O’Hare wants everyone to take the time to make blind cords in their homes safe so that they never have to go through the trauma which her family endured.

Ms O’Hare said: “I was at home with my two kids making food in the kitchen.

“My two-year-old Tommy was going in and out from the living room to his bedroom all day, which is on the same floor, like he normally does.

“He had gone into his bedroom, but about five minutes later I realised that I wasn’t hearing any noise coming from his room.

“I called his name but I didn’t get a response, so I ran as fast as I had ever run in my life into his room.

“I found my son lifeless, hanging from the blind cord in his bedroom.

“I got him out of the cord and he was lifeless in my arms with a grey face, with red busted blood vessels all over his head and ears and his lips were blue.

“He was given CPR for over two minutes and eventually he took a breath, but he was still very drowsy and lifeless.

“Tommy had to get MRI scans, CT scans and X-rays as well, which all came back clear, thankfully.”

Ms O’Hare said it could have been so much worse.

She added: “We were so lucky but some people aren’t as lucky and lose their lives, which is why I want people to be aware of the danger in their own home.

“These are silent killers. You think your home is the safest place for your child, but it can be a death trap, really. I would advise everyone to get safety clips for their blinds or they could end up in the same situation we had with my two-year-old son,” she said.

“I had heard about blind cord safety and stupidly never did anything about it because I thought it wouldn’t happen to me, but it did.

“My life and the lives of the people who love Tommy would be so different now if I hadn’t gone into his bedroom when I did.

“It might have been too late and I could have had to bury my son over a stupid blind cord.

“I never would have forgiven myself.

“This was a big wake up call for me and hopefully for other people as well.”

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