‘I love to be free!’ Sarah Ferguson weighs in on speculation over Andrew relationship

Prince Andrew is a 'kind man' says Sarah Ferguson

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Speaking on Iain Dale’s LBC podcast about her new historical novel, Her Heart for a Compass, Ms Ferguson explained that she “loved to be free” and that she does not “wish to go into anything” with her former husband Prince Andrew for fear of compromising that. She said the pair “lead by example” despite the divorce and enjoy a “sense of understanding of each other”. 

Mr Dale said: “There’s a lot of people, when I’ve talked about you to people over the years, who have said ‘I wish they would just get back together and have a happy ending’.”

Ms Ferguson said: “How funny is that, Iain. Everybody says that to me, too. 

“The thing is, I think the happy ending really is, I mean our fairytale happy ending, is the way we are today. 

“And the way we lead by example with the ability to have a sense of understanding of each other. 

“I don’t think I would ever wish to go into anything where I can’t just jump around and have a sense of freedom. That is the key to it. 

“I love to be free! I really do. And, I don’t know, I suppose it is because I’d like to go to Poland tomorrow if I so wished. 

“I just love the way I am.

“So, I think this is a good fairytale ending.”

Prince Andrew and Ms Ferguson divorced in 1996, less than two months before their 10-year wedding anniversary. 

The pair still live under the same roof at Royal Lodge in Windsor, close to the royal estate, when Ms Ferguson is in England. 

But she said it would be “very wrong” to say that was her home, rather than the agreement allowing them to put up a “united front with the girls”. 

She also said she enjoys a close relationship with her two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice – the three of them call each other the “tripod”. 


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Prince Andrew’s attempted returns to royal life have not proved fruitful since he contracted coronavirus during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

The Queen had reportedly given the all-clear for him to attend the public elements of the Order of Garter service at Windsor Castle on Monday. 

The prince was listed for the procession from the royal estate to St George’s Chapel nearby. 

However, he was pulled from the appearance due to a last-minute “family decision”, according to Buckingham Palace. 

The decision was believed to be made by Prince Charles and his son William, who lobbied the monarch to remove Andrew due to his ongoing reputational risk to the Royal family. 

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