‘I was raped by a Premier League footballer eight years ago’

A woman claims to have been raped by a Premier League footballer who filmed the assault when she was a teenager.

The anonymous survivor alleges she was “attacked” by the player in her own bedroom when she was 19, during a house party. 

The alleged rape occurred eight years ago. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the woman said that the footballer likely doesn’t remember her and wouldn’t recognise her “if we walked past each other”.

For her though, the traumatic event is seared into her memory.

She alleged that she had not told the police, or her friends and family.

The woman claimed she only informed her boyfriend, five years after the event, due to the panic attacks she was suffering.

She has now come forward to address alleged issues of sexual violence in football, adding she needed to be anonymous because “If you come forward about someone in the public eye, it’s a guarantee that people instantly say you just want fame or money.

“And you’re already asking yourself if the police, your boyfriend, sister will believe you. Will they think it’s serious enough? Bad enough?”

She explained that she met the footballer when she was in university, adding she had “zero attraction to him whatsoever” after he arrived at a party at her house.

What happened after her friends left her in her room with the footballer is hazy – the last thing she remembers is asking her friends not to close the door on them, which she said is a clear sign she had not wanted anything sexual to happen. 

The woman alleges she was “unable to move” during the alleged assault that followed, and is unsure if her trauma has clouded her memory, or if she had been incapacitated in some way.

She speculated that her drink may have been spiked, but insists she was not just drunk and never consented to the sex, adding there was “no way” she was intoxicated enough to not remember.

She alleges: “The next thing I remember is my housemate back at my room, banging on the door, asking, ‘What’s going on?'”

The survivor added that horrifically, the footballer filmed the attack, and the footage was already being spread among other guests of the party.

She claimed that she has not seen the film herself, and does not know if it still exists.

The woman also alleged the footballer, who is now signed to a Premier League team, returned to her house in the early hours of the following morning and texted her constantly after being given her number by a friend.

She added that in the days that followed, none of her friends mentioned the incident and she suddenly found herself ashamed of her body, constantly wearing tracksuits to cover up.

Later, when she started a relationship with a man who was into football, she began to get panic attacks whenever his team would play against the squad with her rapist.

The woman added she was discouraged to come forward by how low the charge and prosecution rate is for alleged sexual assaults. 

She claimed the court process “isn’t there to protect victims of sexual violence”. 

Just 1.9 per cent of reported rapes resulted in a charge last year, according to official Home Office figures, and it takes an average of two years for a charge to reach the courts.

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