Iain Dale lashes out at Tony Blair for branding anti-vaxxers ‘idiots’

Iain Dale criticises Tony Blair’s comments on unvaccinated people

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LBC Radio presenter Iain Dale criticised Former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair live on air. The criticisms came after Tony Blair made comments on another radio station during another interview yesterday. Mr Blair caused much controversy by suggesting that those who did not want to take the Covid vaccine for their own personal reasons were “idiots”. Mr Blair’s comments did not go down too well with many members of the British public. Mr Dale suggested during a segment on his show where he spoke about Blair’s latest comments, that the comments Mr lair made ‘wouldn’t persuade anybody.’

Mr Dale said: “Everybody’s interest to get vaccinated, but is it going to persuade a single person who hasn’t been vaccinated to be vaccinated, by calling them an idiot.

“And I’ll put my hands up here because I think over the last year I’ve probably been a bit guilty of that myself.

“And I’ve got to sort of do a bit of heart-searching here and think well was I to do that.

“And I think in all honesty I wasn’t, because it wouldn’t persuade anybody, now people can have all sorts of different reasons for not doing what I would think is the right thing.

Mr Dale added: “But are you going to persuade anybody by either shouting at them, or by calling them idiots or worse.

“Probably not, I would say, If you were a bit of a vaccine sceptic, how is it that you would be persuaded.

“Maybe you have been persuaded, maybe it’s only recently you’ve had your first jab, what was it that persuaded you to do it? 

“It certainly wouldn’t be language like this from Tony Blair, would it? or do you think it’s just time to drop the politeness with people who can be described as anti-vaxxers?

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Mr Dale added: “Or do you think it is best to be more compassionate, and how are you handling it with your friends and family?

“People who you’re close to, you love, and they tell you they’re not going to have the vaccine, how do you handle that?  

A few MPs have echoed a similar sentiment as the comments Tony Blair made on Times Radio yesterday, but the idea of mandatory vaccines is a controversial one, Austria is currently one of the first countries in the world to implement mandatory Covid vaccinations for its citizens.

The former Prime Minister lashed out live on air at those who refused to get vaccinated, Mr Blair said: “If you’re not vaccinated at the moment and you’re, you’re eligible and you’ve got no health reason for not being vaccinated, you’re not just irresponsible, I mean, you’re an idiot. I’m sorry, I mean, truthfully you are.


 Pushing members of the public to step forward, Blair said: “Because this Omicron variant is so contagious, if you’re unvaccinated and you’re in circulation, you’re going to get it.

“And that is going to put a lot of strain on the health service. Almost half the people in ICU are unvaccinated.

“Now, we shouldn’t target these people who are unvaccinated in a heavy-handed way. But we should be trying to go after them and persuade them.

“There may be all sorts of reasons. But honestly, it’s in their own interests – never mind the public interest – for them to get vaccinated.”

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