Iain Dale outlines the huge paradox facing Scottish voters on Brexit and independence

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Mr Dale analysed the options Scottish voters have and labelled the SNP’s wish to stay in the EU, but be independent from the UK as odd. Mr Dale told that 85 percent of Scotland’s trade is between Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

Mr Dale said: “I think if you are somebody who voted to leave the EU naturally you should respect the rights of the people of Scotland in some ways.

“Just as if you are a supporter of the SNP, to my mind you ought to be a supporter of leaving the EU but they are not, far from it.

“They believe that they would be economically better off by leaving the single market of the United Kingdom and not the single market of the EU.

“Bear in mind that 85 percent of Scottish trade goes to England, Wales and Northern Ireland that is a pretty odd way to react.”

He continued: “I am a quarter Scottish, if I lived in Scotland I would be temperamentally well disposed towards independence because I do believe in nation states.

“Scotland is a nation, it is part of the United Kingdom at the moment.

“I am kind of split because I can understand the emotional argument for going independent.”

Earlier this week political scientist Professor John Curtice revealed there has been a shift in support towards Scottish independence from both pro-EU and Brexit supporters in Scotland.

The politics expert told TimesRadio the coronavirus pandemic may have led to a rise in support for Scottish independence.

Professor Curtice said: “The polls this year are saying that both groups have become a bit more pro yes although Remain voters are still much more likely to be in favour of yes than Leave voters.

“Leave voters are now switching to some degree.

“It is no longer obvious whether this most recent increase is to do with Brexit as opposed to something else.

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“The most obvious something else is of course coronavirus.”

He continued: “It is probably true that more people across the whole of the UK, not least England, now realise that quite a lot of life in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is not run by the UK Government in London.

“It is run by the developed administrations.

“Health and public health are all devolved responsibilities.

“Those devolved responsibilities have been exercised fundamentally for everyday life for people in Scotland.”

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