‘I’m in heaven’ Americans overjoyed as they try fish and chips for…

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A hilarious video has captured the reactions of a group of Americans to their first taste of fish and chips.

US YouTubers Jimbo and Jackie tried the delights of the country’s favourite takeaway at Egghill Fish Bar in Northfield, Birmingham, this week.

During a sit-down with British friends, the couple, who star in the Jimbo and Jackie Show, are given “hot tips” on how to eat the battered delicacy.

The footage shows a group of six, including Jimbo and Jackie, sitting down at a table to unwrap several bundles of fresh fish and chips.

Monica, who appears to have a Birmingham accent, then explains how to douse the meal in vinegar, salt, ketchup with the addition of curry and tartare sauce if wanted.

Jimbo, wearing an American basketball shirt, praises Monica for her “hot tips” and describes the scene as they unwrap the food as “being like Christmas” and says “fish and chips for everybody”.

Jackie then asks: “How exactly do you eat this? You don’t unwrap it all the way, huh?” She is then told it is necessary to unwrap the meal.

Both Jackie and Jimbo seem to be won over by the delights of a fish supper with Jackie saying: “Oh my god, I’m in heaven.”

 The pair finished by encouraging their American viewers to book their families flights to the UK, telling them “you have to get down here”.

Egghill Fish Bar owner Savva said he wasn’t expecting the couple to visit his shop, but was pleased after seeing their video online.

He said: “They came in out of the blue one day after one of our regulars recommended us.

“It was great to see their reactions. We work hard and we’re very happy with our product – we source everything the way we like it. Our chippy has been in the family for 35 years.”

Despite being a British favourite, the popular takeaway staple is said to have been introduced to the UK by Spanish and Portuguese Jewish immigrants who had spent time in the Netherlands before settling in England in the 16th century.

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