Inseparable dog neighbours become best friends in adorable video

Neighbour dogs have adorable friendship

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Charly’s owners invited pug Peggy to their house for a playdate when they saw that the pup had moved in next door, and the pair immediately took a shine to each other.

Now Charly and Peggy are inseparable, and their heart-warming friendship is being documented in a series of TikTok videos posted by @charlythemaltese13.

The adorable clips show the evident love that the dogs have for each other, with Charly always on the lookout for her neighbour and bounding excitedly to the door when she sees Peggy arrive for a playdate.

“Charly is always waiting and watching Peggy’s house to see when she comes out,” owner Kaylee says. “If we even mention Peggy’s name, Charly gets so excited and runs over to the back fence to see if Peggy is there.”

The videos show what happens when the two meet up to have fun, and the two energetic pups can be seen playing fun games with each other, with Charly even sharing her toys with Peggy. “They love to chase each other and take turns being the chaser and runner,” Kaylee says.

Charly and Peggy’s friendship is loved by thousands of TikTok users, with viewers following the pair’s daily adventures together.

“They always make me smile,” one person said about the bond between the canine friends.

“What a beautiful friendship, it melts my heart,” one user commented.

Charly and Peggy aren’t the only inseparable pair of animal friends – but some dogs favour a more unusual choice when it comes to finding their friends. 

Like Jack Russell Benji, who formed an unlikely bond with a neighbourhood cat when the feline friend began unexpectedly joining him on his walks.

The duo now have a regular routine of playing together in the back garden, and the cat even cries out for Benji at his door each morning.

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