Inside Jeffrey Epstein's rusting jet used to fly his victims around the world

A private jet once owned by the late disgraced US financier Jeffrey Epstein has been gathering dust on a quiet runway for years and there nothing can be done to move it.

Prosecutors alleged the abandoned Boeing 747 jet – dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ – had been used by Epstein to transport his sex trafficking victims around the world.

Once the pinnacle of high-flying luxury, the 1969-built plane also ferried around VIP guests including Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey, the Daily Mail reported.

The plane took off for its final flight on July 11, 2016, from Florida’s Palm Beach International Airport at 11.39am, arriving at its current location at Georgia’s Brunswick Golden Isles Airport 51 minutes later.

It has been in storage near a maintenance hangar ever since.

Photographs show the jet’s slowly corroding exterior while inside there are reminders of its former occupant.

There are deep-pile carpets, throw blankets and fluffy pillows – infested with mould and mildew. There is also a red couch, monogrammed tissues and a bottle of baby lotion stored in Epstein’s private wood-panelled bathroom.

Other items are more mundane – including a jar of instant coffee and toilet paper.

The jet, which is understood to have changed ownership several times after Epstein’s death, is reported to be virtually worthless after three of its engines were stripped and sold three years ago.

It is currently parked on a ramp belonging to Stambaugh Aviation, which started charging about $1000 (£756) a month for storage after the company was never contracted to carry out maintenance work.

Co-owner Mark Stambaugh said he is owed about $11,000 (£8,364) in storage fees.

The businessman estimated it would take up to $3 million (£2.3 million) to make the 51-year-old plane airworthy.

He added: ‘As a father of two daughters, I’m not real thrilled with having it here. But I guess an aeroplane is just an aeroplane.

‘Somebody needs to come and do something with it or it needs to be scrapped because it’s just going to sit here and keep deteriorating.’

Epstein died in August last year after he hanged himself in his prison cell while awaiting trial for charges related to the sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York.

Since his death, focus has turned to his alleged co-conspirators, including British socialite Ghisilaine Maxwell, who was arrested in July and charged with sex trafficking offences.

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