Inside the one charity Zara Tindall & Princess Anne hold very dear – ‘instrumental’

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The mother-daughter duo, Princess Anne and Zara Tindall, have been “instrumental” in raising the profile of horse welfare campaigns. The royal pair have been praised for their dedication to equine charities, many of which have taken a massive financial hit over the pandemic – making their support now more important than ever. Here’s an insider’s view of their work.

Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Tindall are well known for their love of horses.

Both have been Olympic equestrians with the Princess Royal becoming the first British royal to compete in the Olympics in 1976.

Her daughter Zara has followed in her footsteps to become a hugely successful sportswoman, winning silver at the 2021 games for Team GB.

She even won the illustrious BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award in 2006, an award her mother received in 1971.

But Zara and Anne’s passion for horses stretches far beyond sport, both are keen campaigners in promoting and improving horse welfare.

Vet Roly Owers, Chief Executive of World Horse Welfare has given an insight into the royals charity work and why their support is crucial as we emerge from the pandemic.

It seems the royal’s work will be more important than ever, as World Horse Welfare, just like many other charities, has been badly hit by a shortfall in donations due to Covid.

Many key fundraisers were cancelled due to the pandemic and the charity was forced to close its visitor centres for 18 months.

Dr Owers told “We’ve taken about a 20 percent hit on our income now so that’s significant as we look to build forward better from the pandemic actually making up for that financial shortfall is going to be a key focus for us.”

The royals’ support of the charity could be crucial to help make up for this shortfall.

He said: “The Princess Royal has been our President since 1992, she has been instrumental in helping us raise our image.”

Zara is one of the charity’s “brilliant” patrons – despite her busy schedule she always makes time to attend events for the charity.

He said: “Zara is brilliant at all the events she attends whether that be Badminton or Burghley. She’s been a great supporter of those types of initiatives.”

Just like her daughter, Anne remains devoted to the charity despite her countless commitments.

Dr Owers said: “She will do two to three events for us a year and that’s in addition to her hundreds of other charity commitments.

Although there has been a surge in interest in rehoming horses over the past year, Dr Owers expressed his fears for the future of equine welfare due to the pandemic.

He said: “There are real concerns about the welfare picture across the country and that has yet to bite.

“We recognise that from the 2008 financial crash it took a number of years to bite.

“We do believe coming down the tracks there will be repercussion from the impact of the pandemic.”

But he praised the tireless work of World Horse Welfare’s supporters over the pandemic.

He described Anne as the “ideal person to have as our president because her ethos overlaps with those of the charity’s founders.

He said: “What’s wonderful is the Princess Royal’s ethos overlaps so much with our founder’s ethos – a caring but pragmatic approach to equine welfare and the princess very much reflects those values.

“And that’s why she’s such an ideal person to have as our president.”

Dr Owers said: “Princess Royal and Zara love their horses. It’s lovely to have their endorsement and their involvement.”

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