Instagram mum bags £20k freebies in a year

One January morning last year Octavia Lamb, 25, began posting about her family’s adventures. 

She was astonished when the posts about her life with truck driver husband Matt, 25, and their boys, Harvey, four, and Oscar, two, boosted her followers to 7,000 in just six months. 

So Octavia, of Ormskirk, Lancs, bought a £500 Nikon 500 camera and in June began posting sharper pictures, boosting her followers to 24,500. 

Now, as a social media “influencer” she is sent free clothes, food and other products from major brands to post about. 

She said: “I’ve been given £20,000 worth of gifts in exchange for posting about the products on Instagram. 

“I also get paid up to £250 per sponsored post – which will increase as I get more followers. I feel so grateful to all the brands, because they’ve made my family’s dreams come true.” 

Octavia puts her success down to “authenticity” and taking tips from other successful influencers.

She said: “I make sure to share the good and the bad. 

“When Oscar was teething I wrote all about the awful nights we had – as much about the bad times as the good times. And I only accept collaborations from family friendly brands.” 

Describing her brood as “an average family just about getting by”, Octavia says the change has been incredible. She said: “Now we can take the kids on day trips, eat out a lot and do fun things like family photoshoots. 

“We get so much for free that we don’t need to buy much – so we can put Matt’s wages towards buying a bigger house.”

She explained: “I don’t have any contracts or formal agreements. The brands just trust me to post honestly about them.” 

But Matt remains baffled by the family’s fortunes. Octavia laughed: “He doesn’t do social media. I don’t think he understood what an influencer was.” 

Their boys join in the fun and feature on her new YouTube channel unwrapping their freebies. 

Octavia added: “It’s done my confidence good, too. Before this I was quite anxious but it’s really brought me out of my shell. I’m basically running my own business as well as being a mum. 

“I’ve been able to change my family’s life for the better and we’ve been given opportunities we never imagined.” 

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