Irish Water facing prosecution by EPA over drinking water issues in Cork

IRISH WATER is facing prosecution by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in connection with drinking water problems in Co. Cork.

It faces charges that following a direction given on June 5, 2015 in respect of supply of drinking water at Drimoleague and Kealkill, it failed to submit final reports to the EPA before the end of 2018, verifying that trihalomethanes (THMs) levels were not excessive.

THMs, which can have a can have possible carcinogenic effects if consumed over long periods, are bi-product of chlorination to disinfect ground water which makes its way into the supply.

The case listed before Anthony Halpin at Dublin District Court today.

He adjourned the case for three weeks when Irish Water will be expected to indicate how it will plead, and have a trial date set if the charges are going to be contested.

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