‘It is very worrying!’ Queen’s mobility issues ‘bring her down’, royal biographer warns

Queen’s mobility issues ‘bring her down’ says Levin

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On Monday, May 9, the Palace announced that the Queen was not going to be in attendance at the State Opening of Parliament. Her eldest son Prince Charles and her grandson Prince William stepped in to represent the monarch. This is the latest in a number of events she has been forced to miss in recent months, due to ill health. Royal biographer Angela Levin has spoken out about the Queen’s health and said that missing events, such as the Opening of State Parliament event, because of her health struggles “must bring her down”.

Speaking on Sky News, Ms Levin claimed she is “not at all surprised” the Queen was forced to miss the Opening of State Parliament event on May 10.

She added: “It’s quite a demanding thing she has to do today”.

The royal biographer said: “I think they are trying to save her for the Jubilee in a couple of weeks’ time.

“I think overall, it is very worrying.

“It seems these occasional times when she can’t really move very well, I think is affecting her, it must bring her down”.

She noted that the Opening of State Parliament event is “one of the key things that she has to do within her reign.

“The Government can’t move on unless there is the speech but of course, there are councillors, who then can then take it over with her agreement, so she has then asked Prince Charles, because there has to be another one to witness so Prince William is coming as well”.

She added: “Its a very very significant day today when she hasn’t done this.

“There were two occasions when she didn’t do it in all the years has been when she’s been heavily pregnant so for her, it is very very important”.

Queen’s Speech: Prince Charles leaves House of Lords

This is the first time, the 96-year-old has missed the event in over 50 years.

Before now, the Queen has only missed the opening of Parliament twice during her 70-year reign – in 1959 and 1963 when she was pregnant.

Both the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge attended the opening of the new session of Parliament on the Queen’s behalf.


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Charles was also joined by his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Although Charles has previously accompanied his mother to the State Opening a few times before, this was the first time he has acted in place of the monarch.

Last month, Prince Charles also represented the Queen at the Maundy Thursday service, which took place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Charles was also joined by his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

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