‘It seems sort of all wrong to me’ TalkRADIO host shocked by number of overpaid NHS staff

NHS backlog: TalkRADIO host questions NHS staff salaries

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TalkRADIO presenter Kevin O’Sullivan was left stunned by the astronomical amount of money a certain number of NHS employees earn. The quantity of NHS workers currently receiveing more than £150,000 a year has leaped to 675, with the bulk of them being middle managers. But while Mr O’Sullivan would understand if nurses and surgeons get that much, he stressed that it’s “wrong” that taxpayers are in some way obliged to bankroll these “vast pay packets” for people who may not necessarily “take in a patient, treat them and get them better”.

Speaking to Dr Steve James on his show, Mr O’Sullivan admitted to being blown away by the “extraordinary” sums and questioned why ordinary people should accept the tax hike.

He said: “We learned from new figures this weekend that the current number of the NHS employees, and I am not talking about doctors and surgeons, earn more than £150,000 a year has risen to 675.

“There are 675 people on £150,000 or more, most of them middle managers.

“It would make the average taxpayers say why am I having to pay a tax rise to fund these pay packets which are vast and extraordinary, it seems sort of all wrong to me.”


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Dr James, who works as an anaesthetist at King’s College Hospital, said that the attention should rather be turned to where Britain end up spending the country’s health budget.

It’s inconceivable for him that the government parted with two billion pounds to fund the COVID-19 testing scheme.

He said: “Yeah, well, running a business is a difficult job.

“But you’ve got to look at the return on investment when you employ different staff. 

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NHS backlog: TalkRADIO host questions NHS staff salaries

“Are staff able to bring good services or manage the money in a way that needs to be managed?

“I think the big, overall question is where do we spend our entire country’s health budgets.

“And I think the figures on testing recently for two billion in January were quite shocking.”

Dr James stressed that all he is focused on is treating patients in need as he deemed himself “fortunate enough” not to deal with all the bureaucracy issues.


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But the shortage of beds and staff was definitely a cause for concern, the Consultant anaesthetist admitted.

He said: “There was a problem with a limitation of beds and there was certainly a problem with limitation on the stuff for intensive care.

“But it’s not something that I see in my daily practice.

“I see that we are able to take the patients in, we’re able to get him the treatment in general that we think is appropriate.

“And I am fortunate enough not to be involved really in the management and just to be involved with delivery of care.

“I don’t have the burden myself.”

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