It takes 3,960 swipes on average to find 'the one' on a dating app

For better or worse, dating apps have become a staple feature of modern dating over the past decade.

We all know of at least one happy couple that found each other after months of swiping on the apps. But how many swipes does it really take to find ‘the one’?

Apparently, it takes around 3,960 swipes on average to find a significant other on a dating app according to a survey by Shane Co., an engagement ring company.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the firm asked over 1,000 Americans who claimed to have met their current partner on dating apps.

From the responses, they determined the average number of swipes made in one minute, and used that metric, along with the reported overall time spent on dating apps, to calculate how many swipes were made before they found ‘the one’.

According to the survey, the average American spends 5.83 hours per week on the apps.

67% of Americans say they met their current partner through a dating app. 

A decade since its launch, Tinder has cemented itself as a mainstay in the world of app dating – even with strong competitors like Hinge, Grindr and Bumble.

40% of Americans dating someone they met on a dating app, say they met on Tinder. 

Today, there are over 75 million active users, and every week 1.5 million dates are happening off the back of Tinder chats.

The survey also found that Tinder was the most successful matchmaker, with 29.6% of respondents engaged or married to a partner from the app.

Bumble and Hinge trailed behind at 12.9% and 5% respectively.

Still, the digital quest for love is relentless and Americans are projected to spend about eight months and 11 days on dating apps before finding a partner.

When it comes to behaviour on these apps, men were found to spend fewer hours a week, but more time on a profile, and have a higher success rate when compared with women.

So if you want to find love on a dating app, you might still have a few swipes to go.

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