‘It was brutal!’ Furious Geronimo supporter rages at police as alpaca dead

Geronimo supporter details police taking away alpaca

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Geronimo the alpaca was removed from his South Gloucestershire at around 10.30am on Monday after a stay of execution expired. Activist Liz Stacey, who had been camping at the farm to protest DEFRA’s decision to kill the alpaca, branded the police as “brutal” for their intervention. Ms Stacey said: “The police arrived in force, it was totally disproportionate, with DEFRA officials.

“They were determined to carry out this heinous crime. There was no way Geronimo had TB for years.

“A healthy, happy animal on this farm. It was just disgusting, a total disproportionate use of force.”

Ms Stacey said she had been escorted to a police van and threatened with arrest for holding a water pistol, missing the moment Geronimo was dragged away.

She continued: “I was in the back of the arrest vehicle. I was glad I didn’t see it.

“He was sort of corralled into a corner, it was brutal. It was brutal.

“No animal should be treated like that and it’s been a total waste of an opportunity to sort out TB for the benefit of farmers and live stock at large.

“A total wasted opportunity.”

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