Italy to impose anti-coronavirus night curfew from tomorrow

ROME (AFP) – Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has signed a decree to enforce a nationwide night curfew from 10pm on Thursday (Nov 4) to stop the resurgence of coronavirus, media reported.

Conte was expected to detail other anti-virus measures, such as shutting shopping centres, which will remain in force until Dec 3.

The reports say that Italy’s 20 regions will be classed with a three-tier system – red, orange and green – with the red states facing the most restrictive measures.

The curfew will run from 10pm until 5am across the country.

The regionalised approach means Conte’s government is resisting a blanket nationwide lockdown approach, which has been adopted by countries including France, Ireland and England.

Over the last week, Italy has been hit by a series of fairly small but sometimes violent demonstrations in cities against previously announced shutdown measures, such as the closure of bars and restaurants.

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