Jacob Blake released from handcuffs in hospital bed after outcry over treatment

Jacob Blake has reportedly been released from handcuffs in his hospital bed after his father said he had ‘cold steel on his ankle’.

Father Jacob Blake Snr yesterday revealed his son was under police guard and and handcuffed to his hospital bed despite his serious injuries.

Mr Blake, 29, was shot in the back up to seven times repeatedly in front of his three children on Sunday night in Wisconsin.

A white police officer, named as Rusten Sheskey, has been stood down pending an investigation.

Blake Snr told CNN: ‘There was the cold steel on his ankle. He is shackled to the bed, but he cannot get up, he could not get up, he is paralysed.

‘He grabbed my hands and began to weep and he told me that he was having hallucinations.

‘He said “Daddy, Daddy, I love you. Why did they shoot me so many times?” I said, “Baby, they were not supposed to shoot you at all”.’

According to the family’s lawyers, the 29-year-old has a damaged spinal chord, spine, stomach, kidneys and liver. He has lost most of his colon and has no bowel or genital function.

Mr Blake’s attorney, Patrick Cafferty, told reporters later on Friday his client had been released from handcuffs and outstanding warrants against him had been dropped.

Police officers who had been guarding the hospital room had also left, Cafferty said.

Earlier, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers was asked if he was concerned Mr Blake was being restrained in hospital, to which he replied: ‘Hell yes.’

He added: ‘I would have no personal understanding why that would be necessary. Certainly he’s paid a horrific price already, been shot seven or eight times in the back.’

The outstanding arrest warrants on Mr Blake included three domestic abuse-related charges, including one for trespassing and one for third-degree sexual assault, the Guardian reported.

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department said he was restrained to his bed because it was their policy when a prisoner has outstanding arrest warrants.

The shooting of Mr Blake sparked a wave of angry protests in the city of Kenosha. A night curfew was imposed on protesters as demonstrations turned violent with rioting and looting.

On the third night of demonstrations, a 17-year-old boy allegedly fired on protesters with a military-style semi-automatic rifle, killing two and seriously injuring a third.

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