Jeremy Corbyn gobsmacked at ITV host over love life grilling: ‘You can’t ask me that!’

Jeremy Corbyn stumbled over his answer to the question as he explained no one thinks of him as romantic. The Labour leader eventually gave his answer as making memories with someone is the most romantic thing he’s ever done. Ms Etchington asked: “What’s the most romantic thing you ever did?”

Speaking on ITV, Mr Corbyn said: “That’s a hard one.

“Nobody ever thinks of me as romantic.”

The host continued: “So there’s no romance Jeremy Corbyn could offer.”

Mr Corbyn replied: “You can’t ask that question on television.”

Ms Etchington said: “Yes, I can. I asked Theresa May what the naughtiest thing is, I can ask you that.”

Mr Corbyn added: “When you’re with somebody and you’ve having a great time together and we’re had some wonderful holidays together.

“We enjoy that and remember that.”

In the interview, Mr Corbyn also claimed to watch the Queen’s Speech but forgot one major thing.

Mr Corbyn was asked by Julie Etchingham to speak about Christmas in the Corbyn household.

In a video released ahead of ‘The Leader Interviews: Jeremy Corbyn – Tonight’, the ITV presenter said: “Do you sit down to watch the Queen’s speech, Mr Corbyn?”

The Labour leader, seemingly dodging the question, answered saying his family “has it on, some of the time”.

Mr Corbyn also said that the speech, usually broadcasted on December 25 at 3pm on BBC One, ITV, Sky 1 and Sky News as well as BBC Radio and Classic FM, is “on the morning”.


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Ms Etchingham, with an amused smile, pointed out the speech is actually in the afternoon, saying that “that’s when everybody watches it”.

Mr Corbyn then, appearing in difficulty, seemed to be gaining some time with his answer, saying: “Well, our Christmas is sometimes…”

Ms Etchingham interrupted Mr Corbyn, saying before starting to laugh: “You don’t watch it, do you Mr Corbyn?”

To which the Labour leader answered: “We don’t watch television very much on Christmas Day.”

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