Jeremy Corbyn 'looking into reports' Labour MP sang 'Hey Jews'

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he is looking into reports that a member of his shadow cabinet sang “Hey Jews” to the Beatles song “Hey Jude”.

Dan Carden has denied the Buzzfeed news website’s story that he changed the lyrics on a private bus to London from the Cheltenham races in March last year.

Mr Corbyn said it was an “awful story” and “totally unacceptable” if true.

Asked about the reports on a visit to Leeds, he said: “Dan Carden has emphatically denied that.

“It is an awful story and if it’s true it is utterly and totally unacceptable. I am looking into it.”

Mr Carden, who is seeking to be re-elected as MP for Liverpool Walton, tweeted: “I have been categorical in my denial about allegations relating to a coach trip some twenty months ago.

“This was a coach full of journalists and MPs. If anyone genuinely believed any anti-Semitic behaviour had taken place, they would’ve had a moral responsibility to report it immediately.

“Yet this allegation is only made now when a General Election is imminent.

“I stand by my record as an anti-racist campaigner. I would never be part of any behaviour that undermines my commitment to fighting racism in all its forms.”

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