Jo Swinson says Jeremy Corbyn is 'unfit to be PM' at Lib Dem campaign launch

The leader of the Liberal Democrats has ruled out forming any future pact with the Labour party after the election, saying Jeremy Corbyn was ‘unfit to be prime minister’.

Jo Swinson made the comments today during the party’s election launch, saying she ‘absolutely, categorically’ rules out using Lib Dem votes to put Corbyn into No 10.

She added that she just could not trust Mr Corbyn on the economy or defence.

Ms Swinson said a Corbyn premiership was something her party was ‘unwilling to see’.

The Lib Dem leader said that Mr Corbyn’s refusal to say whether he would campaign for leave or remain in any future referendum he promised, meant that a ‘vote for Labour was a vote for Brexit’.

She added that the Labour leader’s failure to root out antisemitism in his party was a ‘total dereliction of duty’.

Ms Swinson said her party was also against the idea of a second referendum.

When asked why the party would still contest seats against Labour candidates who were committed to remaining in the EU, the Lib Dem leader said the Labour party was ‘not serious about stopping Brexit’.

Ms Swinson said a Liberal Democrat government would ‘stop Brexit and build a brighter future’ as she launched her party’s General Election campaign.

She told the audience that ‘change is possible’ and credited her party’s ‘values’ as the reason MPs from other parties have defected to hers.

She said she will ‘never stop fighting’ for the United Kingdom, declaring: ‘I will not let people wreck it.’

Speaking in Westminster, she said the election could be a moment of ‘seismic change’ where a ‘new and different’ politics could emerge.

She told the audience: ‘Change is possible and you get to choose.’

The Lib Dems also pledged to spend £50 billion on public services, if they won the election and stopped Brexit’.

Ms Swinson said: ‘Any type of Brexit will damage our economy, will cost jobs and starve our public services of the resources that they need.

‘So we know that that Remain bonus will be £50 billion that we can spend on our public services, investing in our schools and in the welfare system to help the poorest in our society.

‘So every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit and invest that £50 billion in our public services.’

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