Johnson faces two-pronged rebellion as unrest grows in Tory files ‘Outrageously wrong!’

Johnson 'should go' if vaccines made compulsory says Tory MP

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Peter Bone warned that he would be calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s head should he decide to make vaccination compulsory in the UK. The Tory MP reflected on mandatory vaccination, labelling it “completely outrageously wrong”. But he caveat his warning by underlining that the Prime Minister is yet to make up his mind about whether or not to follow Austria’s example.

Mr Bone is also of the opinion that if mandatory COVID-19 vaccination is implemented it would not go down well with people and spark huge protests across the country.

Mr Johnson hinted last night that vaccinations may be imposed on everybody on the back of the sharp rise in cases due to the new Omicron variant.

Mr Bone offered a blunt assessment of mandatory vaccine and told BBC Newsnight: “Compulsory vaccination would be completely outrageously wrong. 

“I’d be the first to say the Prime Minister should go.

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“He should go if we were going to have compulsory [vaccination].

“The whole country would be up in arms about it.

“But that’s not what he said, of course.”

The Prime Minister has been facing mounting pressure following the Plan B announcement, further exacerbated by the ongoing row on whether a Number 10 party took place in violation of coronavirus rules.

Mr Bone also asked shadow cabinet minister Thangam Debbonaire about her take on the matter and the Labour MP firmly believes that vaccination is paramount for people’s safety.

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She said: “We’d rather everybody took the vaccine because it’s the right thing to do.

“Because it’s safe and it’s effective.”

In the aftermath of Mr Johnson’s hint that mandatory vaccine will be considered in the future, secretary Sajid Javid today told Sky News in no uncertain terms that it would be “ethically wrong” to force jabs on people.

He said: “I’ve got no interest in mandatory vaccinations, apart from in high-risk settings in the NHS and social care, which we’ve already set out that we will legislate for.


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“Other than that, if you talk about universal mandatory vaccination, I think ethically it is wrong but also, at a very practical level, it just wouldn’t work.

“Getting vaccinated has to be a positive decision.”

The Prime Minister announced that Covid passes will be rolled out in wider society if a ‘”substantial proportion of the population” keeps rebuffing the jab.

He also reintroduced work from home, masks in indoor places while people are now required to show a Covid vaccination passport to go to nightclubs, football stadiums, and theatres.

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