'Just one person' responsible for 210 bags of dog mess dumped in alley

A councillor has told a dog owner to ‘grow up’ after finding 210 bags of dog poo in just one spot.

Tim Prater, who is the chairperson of Sandgate Parish Council, headed to Coolinge Lane near a primary school near Folkestone, Kent, after being alerted to the problem on Facebook.

He said: ‘I went up there this morning to scope the problem and clear up what I could.

‘In a little over 30 minutes, I picked up (and have now removed and disposed of) 210 black bags of dog mess. I didn’t get every one certainly, but most of them I hope.’

He wrote on Facebook on Sunday after clearing away the bags, suggesting they were likely to have been left there by the same person.

He said: ‘Now, when people say “it’s just a minority” it’s worse that that. I’ll place a bet, they are almost all from the same person.

‘Same bags. Same tying. Without wishing to be too detailed, similar filling… So one person has thoughtfully picked up after their dog into a bag, then slung it over a fence. 210 times.’

Tim offered a message to the potential perpetrator: ‘To that person: grow up. Take it b****y home. Almost everyone else does – WTF makes you special?

‘And, for clarity, having picked up all your bags, they do not biodegrade. Every one, from the top to literally the bottom of the pile you had created still had “structural integrity”.

‘They would sit there for years. You are not doing half the right thing. Take. It. Home.’

He said he will speak to Folkestone and Hythe District Council about getting some additional bins along the road, although a few already exist, as there are two schools nearby.

‘Almost everyone else is dealing with their litter and their dogs waste properly,’ Tim added.

‘Aside from 210 exceptions, there was little litter. It’s not a minority. It’s mainly one person.

‘In the name of your neighbours, those that use the path and the children that go to that school and use the path every day, stop.’ has contacted the district council for comment.

Last year a similar hunt commenced for a phantom dog poo thrower in Derby after around 40 bags were found hanging from branches near an old railway bridge.

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