‘Just selfish!’ Mother skewers Insulate Britain for ‘messing’ with daughter’s education

Furious motorist brands Insulate Britain protesters 'selfish'

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The climate activists said about 40 demonstrators sat on the road at junction 25 of the M25 at Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, and on the A501 at Old Street roundabout. The protests caused long queues of rush hour traffic on Friday morning. A video posted on social media by radio station LBC shows protesters running in front of a police van at the M25 junction.

In a video caught by LBC, a furious motorist shouted at the protesters, slamming them as “selfish” and remarking about the impact the disruption has had on her daughter’s education.

She said: “It’s backing up all because you care about insulating houses.

“My daughter is late to school, you are messing with childrens’ education because you are selfish.”

She added: “I think it’s a disgrace, absolute disgrace.”

It is the 12th day in the past four weeks that the group has carried out protests on roads.

Insulate Britain admitted its actions on the M25 are “in breach” of an injunction obtained by the Government last month.

People who break injunctions can be found to be in contempt of court, but prosecutions usually take several months meaning there is no immediate impact on the protests.

Tracey Mallagan, a spokeswoman for Insulate Britain, which is calling on the Government to insulate all UK homes by 2030 to cut carbon emissions, said: “If governments don’t act soon to reduce emissions, we face a terrifying situation.

Insulate Britain protesters are ‘unrepentant’ says reporter

“We won’t be worrying about shortages of pasta or loo rolls because law and order breaks down pretty quickly when there is not enough food to go round.

“The Government won’t be wondering if there are enough hospital beds or ventilators, but whether there are enough people left to bury the dead.

“The Government is destroying our country. Boris Johnson should be taken to court for treason. Our flesh and blood are being tossed aside as expendable.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps branded members of Insulate Britain “glued fools”.


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He told LBC: “It’s dangerous, it’s really outrageous, and actually, ironically, it probably adds to pollution as cars idle, waiting for their nonsense… for them to be unglued from the road.

“Existing laws need toughening up to get these glued fools off the road, and the Home Secretary has said she will do that in the Crime and Sentencing Policing Bill that is going through Parliament.

“In the meantime, I have been applying actively for court injunctions, which cover the national highway network around London, around the South East. Now, these people can go to jail for what they’re doing.

“I very much imagine that the courts will take very dimly of the view that they’re ignoring a court injunction. It can be unlimited fines, it can be six months in jail, we have been actively serving door-to-door individuals – over 100 have been served. And I think we’ll start to see the courts take a very, very dim view and lock some of these people up, it is unacceptable.

“I can tell you that those injunctions may well have been breached and people may be going to prison as a result.”

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