Just Stop Oil activist slams group refusing to budge for ambulance

Activist says 'it's unacceptable' to block emergency services on road

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The former principal scientist at the oil and gas company Shell claimed it was the group’s policy to allow the emergency services to move freely down roads during the ongoing demonstrations. Dr Buss explained that if there were cases where ambulances and fire engines couldn’t then, it was entirely unacceptable. Dr Buss told Jeremy Vine that the group had contacted the emergency services to find out if there were any cases where Just Stop Oil had caused them harm and claimed that there were none to date. The environmental activist group has been causing major disruptions across the UK and the capital in order to get their demands met by the British Government.

Mr Vine said: “Note that you were Grahame a principal scientist for Shell for 33 years so you know about oil and gas, yeah.

“But look we’re seeing pictures here… We’re going to see an ambulance here that is stuck with its light flashing.

“Right, it can’t go anywhere and for all we know, there is somebody dying in the back.

“Then there is a fire… Look at those people who don’t even move for an ambulance, then there is a fire engine that is on its way, presumably to a fire.

“It took a while to get moving… This is not good! Is it, I mean, this doesn’t help you at all.”

JUST IN: Just Stop Oil activists block ambulance and fire engine with protest on busy road

Dr Buss said: “I agree, it’s entirely unacceptable that these blue lights can’t get through.

“But I should point out what our policy is, our policy is to always allow blue lights to go through.

“And if there are cases where it doesn’t happen, I accept that is unacceptable, but that’s not our policy.

“And if you look at… We’ve contacted the services on this and we can’t find a single case where the actions we’ve taken have caused harm.”

Knightsbridge: Just Stop Oil protesters attempt to stop white van

The images of an ambulance struggling to get down the road have caused more backlash from the climate activist group.

The group have been holding more controversial demonstration over the past couple of days, and have been using its signature tactics of blocking busy roads with protestors.

Protestors from Just Stop Oil sit in the middle of the road and sometimes glue themselves to the ground.

Richard Tice, leader of Reform UK, erupted over the disruptions during a heated debate on Talk TV with the spokesman for Just Stop Oil, James Skeet.

Mr Tice said: “The sensible thing to do is just to get out of the way!”

He added: “You have a right to protest on the side of the street, but you are unlawfully in the middle of the street.

“It’s utterly outrageous, it’s selfish and you’re putting people’s lives at risk!”

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