Kate and Meghan Markle’s friendship doomed from start ‘Royal roles don’t correspond’

Meghan and Kate ‘didn’t have natural connection’ says Nicholl

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Speaking to US Weekly, the royal expert suggested that as a result of living in different “lenses” and having totally different life outlooks the roles of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, “do not correspond” and would never have worked regardless. But he claimed that despite the fractured relationship, the couples do text regularly and ask about what “Netflix” shows each other are watching, but he claimed they opt to avoid discussing the claims made by the Sussex’s in various media appearances as that would “sting” too much.

Mr Pearce was asked what, if any, communication the Sussex’s have with the Cambridge’s following the bombshell claims made by both Prince Harry and Meghan towards the royal family in recent months. 

Mr Pearce said: “What is happening is that they both have very clearly defined roles that do not correspond.

“I don’t mean as women within the family, I don’t mean as the wives of these two extraordinary Princes.

“I am talking about the statement they are making individually as women.”

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Mr Pearce went on to suggest how Kate has “her own specific role” which when compared with Meghan, “is very different”.

The royal expert went on to claim that despite the differences and the bombshell claims made over the last year, the two families are in fact, he claimed, in contact.  

He said: “I know that the four are talking with one another, and they are talking via Zoom, they are talking via FaceTime.

“They are very close with one another, but look, they are very different people!”

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He suggested how a fundamental issue at the heart of the two couples’ relationship is how they are living in different countries which vastly changes the nature of the work and the “lens” they are operating in, meaning there is little common ground.

But Mr Pearce insisted despite these differences “they all totally respect that this lens is different.”

He added: “If William and Kate were living in the United States, the lens of their expression, the lens of their creative realisation would be completely different.”

Mr Pearce was then pushed by host Joe Drake to suggest exactly what the nature of the Sussex’s and Cambridge’s contact is.

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And in a surprising response, he suggested the four royals bond over small talk about Netflix shows.

He replied: “It’s really informal. It’s like ‘did you watch Netflix last evening?’… ‘I think Ru Paul is amazing!’”

The royal expert added that it is also unlikely the four royals discuss the comments made by the Sussex’s.

He suggested: “It’s too painful, those things that are crazy, we just leave them where they are!”

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