Kate and Prince William given choice to ‘move into’ Clarence House when Charles is King

Kate Middleton: Expert on chances of Clarence House move

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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William currently live at Kensington Palace with their three children, George, Charlotte and Louis. The royal couple also have a holiday home in Norflk called Anmer Hall. Royal expert Marelen Koenig has discussed if the Cambridges would move to Clarence House if the Queen dies.

Speaking to, Ms Koenig said: “I see Charles using Buckingham Palace for a formal residence, perhaps opening it more.

“Only using it for formal moments. He just lives down the street at Clarence House.

“I see William and Catherine staying at Kensington Palace for a while and even if Charles did move into Buckingham Palace, there’s a possibility the Cambridges would move into Clarence House.

“But these days everything is so easily accessible.”

Further changes to the monarchy could also include Kate not becoming Queen consort if Camilla does not receive the title before her.

On the topic of whether the Duchess of Cornwall would receive the Queen title when Prince Charles becomes King, Ms Koenig said it would be a “terrible precedent” if she was only a princess.

She said: “There’s no law, it is a tradition that the wife of the King is the Queen.

“I find it personally ridiculous. I think it would sort a terrible precedent for example if Camilla is Princess Consort then why should Catherine be Queen consort?

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“I find it very telling that Queen Elizabeth II made an announcement a couple of years naming Camilla and William to The Privy Council.

“There’s a very good reason for that in the case of Camilla that makes it possible that she will be present at The Accession Council when Charles is proclaimed King.

“Why shouldn’t she be Queen? There’s no legislation needed, it’s just tradition.


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“As time goes by, I think we should just accept that she is his wife.

“She has done an amazing job taking on different charities and patronages.

“Why should she just be treated as his equal? I have no problems with that and I think that’s how it should be.

“He’s not the first King in history to have a second wife.”

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