Kate and Prince William’s ‘move to Windsor’ to come sooner than expected

Kate and Prince William set to move to Buckingham Palace

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Royal expert Angela Levin has forecast the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to announce their move to Windsor either “next week” or possibly around Christmas. Prince William and Kate Middleton are known to be actively planning to relocate to Windsor, in order to support the Queen as well as to be closer to Kate’s family. Ms Levin has said that the move, if not already completed, may have to wait until December. 

Discussing the move on GB News, Ms Levin said: “I think they have either sorted it so they can announce it next week.

“Or they might leave it until the Christmas holiday.

“Which is not ideal but then so much has happened with the Royal Family, you can’t do everything at once.

“But I think that will happen as you say it is quite disturbing to change schools, to move, and t get the children ready to be in London.

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“Unless they move to London for a bit while or that’s going on.

“You know they can quite happily live in Kensington Palace without feeling uncomfortable.”

The Royal biographer has said William and Kate’s decision has likely been motivated by the fact they “care very much about their family.”

Ms Levin also told GB News that despite the Queen appearing “stoic” in public, the Monarch will likely benefit in private from having her grandchild and great-grandchildren around her.

Kate and Prince William set to move to Buckingham Palace

Ms Levin told GB News: “I am quite sure that underlying it all is the fact that they care very much about their family.

“And even though the Queen looks absolutely stoic and heroic when we see her out and about in bright colors, seeming very positive.

“There must be very deep and dark patches when she is alone without her late husband.

“After 70 years together it must be extraordinarily difficult” 

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Ms Levin continued: “There are happy to move near her.

“I mean children are wonderful, small children are wonderful to take people’s mind of dark thing.

“And I think it would be…it is a very very positive move.

“I think also it is a practical one,” she added.

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