Kate and William ‘broke royal rule’ taking all three children on holiday during half term

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Prince William and Kate were spotted with their children Prince George, Charlotte and Louis at Heathrow Airport last week preparing to go off on holiday for their second trip abroad outside the UK since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The royals were spotted unloading luggage from their car outside Heathrow’s private Windsor Suite with the children helping to carry some of the load. 

The family seemed to all be boarding the same flight, which is breaking the ancient rule that protects the future of the monarchy.

The Queen, who is not allowed on the same flight as Prince Charles has to give permission for heirs to the throne to take the same plane.

Royal watchers Christina Garibaldi and Molly Mulshine spoke about the holiday on Royally US podcast. 

Ms Garibaldi said: “Prince William and Duchess Kate have taken the family on a bit of a holiday.”

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Ms Mulshine added: “This was so cute. They were photographed getting into the airport at the Windsor entrance which is the VVIP entrance.”

“It’s named after them. Imagine being a little kid and walking into the airport in the VVIP entrance that’s named after your family.”

“It looks like they were going somewhere warm, right?”

Ms Garibaldi added: “It looks like it, yeah. They’re on the half-term break so they get a nice week off.”

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“It’s actually interesting, a lot of people were mentioning that usually Royal Families can’t fly together.”

“But it looks like they broke that Royal Family rule and were all on a plane together.”

Molly added: “That’s nice I guess, it’s a scary thing to think about.”

Christina said: “It is weird to think about, but it seems like they’re on holiday and hopefully they’re having a nice time. 

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Both Prince William and Prince George are directly in line to the throne, so they are supposed to travel separately in case the plane crashes or there is another tragedy.

It is not the first time the Cambridges have flown with their children.

They took three flights as a family during a tour to Poland and Germany in July 2017.

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