Kate and William ‘don’t need’ Meghan and Harry at Earthshot

Prince William discusses The Earthshot Prize in Boston

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Kate and William are “pulling out all the stops” with their US trip for the Earthshot Prize awards in a move which sends a clear signal to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a royal commentator has said. Jonathan Sacerdoti also said it was unlikely that the Sussexes would attend the event, given it would represent a massive distraction from the environmental cause that the Prince and Princess of Wales were seeking to promote.

Billie Eilish is headlining Friday’s star-studded line-up in Boston, offering a clear indication of the star power the Prince and Princess of Wales are able to attract.

Mr Sacerdoti told the stakes were high for William and Kate’s first overseas trip since being granted their new titles following the Queen’s death, and they would be keen to avoid unnecessary distractions.

In such a context, he suggested it was highly unlikely that the Sussexes would be invited to attend tomorrow’s event.

He said: “It’s dangerous to try and make a prediction, but I don’t suspect that would be part of William and Catherine’s planning, or their people’s planning because it’s just too unpredictable.

“I think that this is the opportunity for William and Catherine to get a bit more attention stateside and internationally than they are getting generally.

“And so it would seem silly to include the two people most likely to threaten that attention.

“I don’t think it will be out of nastiness or malice that they would choose not to include Harry and Meghan.

“I think it would just be out of pragmatism that they want to be able to focus everything on the cause and on themselves rather than on these two people who are often competing with them for that attention. It’s all we’d be talking about.

“And also I don’t think they need that stardust because they provide their stardust to this cause.

“That’s why they’re promoting it, because it’s an important cause that they want attention for.

“So by putting themselves up as ambassadors or representatives of this cause they’re getting the attention, they don’t need Meghan and Harry.

“If anything. I think that the Royal Family’s attitude, rightly or wrongly, is still that they are the biggest stars, they are the bigger draw.

“If we saw Megan and Harry do this sort of fake Royal Tour, when they were in New York some months back now, I think the Royal Family is going to show them what a real world tour looks like, when they send to real Royals to the States, and try and pull out all the stops to make it more glamorous, more exciting, more attention-grabbing.”

Mr Sacerdoti suggested the royal couple would be especially keen to focus on the task at hand, given the latest racism row to have engulfed the Royal Family back in the UK.

One of the Ladies of the Household, understood to be Lady Susan Hussey, one of William’s godparents, was forced to step down from her ceremonial role after questioning charity worker Ngozi Fulani about her origins, asking: “Where are you really from?”

Ms Fulani,  chief executive of the charity Sistah Space, who was attending a Buckingham Palace reception on gender-based violence, shared details of the conversation on social media afterwards.

William was swift to respond, issuing a statement in which he said: “The comments were unacceptable, and it is right that the individual has stepped aside with immediate effect.”

Mr Sacerdoti said: “William was the one to react after Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview, saying the Royal Family is not a racist family, and he’s backing that up now by clearly condemning the incident that understandably caused such offence.”

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