Kate and William to ‘copy Beckham’ as Cambridges pursue ‘Hollywood-esque’ media image

Kate Middleton 'did her research' before joining royals says expert

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This comes after David Beckham handed over control of his Instagram to a Ukrainian doctor in order to shed light on the situation on the front line. Popular culture expert Nick Ede explained that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are likely to do something similar in order to “allow others who haven’t got a voice to use their platform.” This, he said, will come alongside an increasingly “Hollywood-esque” approach towards social media, claiming that their followers will start to see increasingly “well-edited” films and content.

Mr Ede added that social media will be pivotal to the Royal Family going forward, as it will help them “engage a new audience”.

While he clarified that the couple will have to be “more impartial” than a typical influencer, he said they can still use their platform in a “strategic way”.

This comes as the family are facing growing challenges, with increasing numbers of people questioning its place in society.

Speaking to, Mr Ede said: “I think they will be more likely to be doing Hollywood-esque films, which are being really well edited, made by great editors.

“But I think also they could do something like David Beckham did when he lent his Instagram to somebody in Ukraine to talk about their plight, which I think is really strong.

“And that is something they may do, to allow others who haven’t got a voice to use their platform.”

He added: “They have to be much more impartial than an influencer, but I think they can tell stories in a really nice strategic way and really educate us.”

Over the last year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been posting less formal pictures and captions on their joint Instagram account.

They have been using the page to document both royal engagements and family days out, allowing the public to see a more intimate side to the future king and queen.

Mr Ede said that this new “relatability” will be important for the couple when they become King and Queen, describing it as “their way forward”.

He said: “Strategically moving forward social media is their best form of actually becoming an appealing couple who people can relate to.

“That’s the most important thing – rather than just still images and reportage.

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“It’s really important for them moving forward, and for the role of the monarchy in the UK and beyond.

“That to me is really their way forward.

“If you think of a royalist, they are usually a little bit older, and when the Queen passes away we’ve got to look at what the role of the Royal Family is and how they can become relatable but also can still encourage tourism and all those amazing things they do.

“And I think it’s going to become increasingly important for Kate and William to be visible.

“A bit like Diana – to become the peoples’ King and Queen, rather than the Queen who is always seen as this amazing head of state, but also quite hard to get to.

“We’re all about relatability now, but I think they are doing that.”

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