Kate and William world’s apart from Harry and Meghan

Prince William meets US President Joe Biden in Boston

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The Prince and Princess of Wales have been hailed for “shining a light” on other people rather than Harry and Meghan’s focus on themselves, a royal insider has claimed. William and Kate have been on a three-day trip to the US which saw the couple meet President Joe Biden and award this year’s Earthshot prize.

On the second day of the Waleses’ first overseas trip since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the trailer for Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docu-series was released.

The one-minute film featured never-before-seen private photographs of the couple who live in California. It prompted some to claim its release was timed in a bid to scupper the Waleses US trip.

In one section of the footage, Meghan appears to be wiping away tears as Harry sits with his head tilted right back, seemingly in distress.

William’s estranged brother and his wife did not attend the Earthshot awards ceremony yesterday (December 2).

In a barbed comment against the Sussexes, a supporter of the Waleses told The Telegraph: “They’re out there supporting communities and trying to shine the light on other people rather than shine light on themselves.”

Details of the docu-series contents have yet to emerge. Harry and Meghan back issues including disaster relief, mental health, women’s rights and gender equality.

A Kensington Palace spokesman repeated comments made ahead of the trip that the Waleses would not be “distracted” by other things this week and their focus was on meeting communities and people in Boston.

Meanwhile, the Waleses have been praised for their work on the environment and for appearing as equal partners.


The Telegraph’s senior fashion editor, Tamara Abraham, said of the US visit: “Opting for suits, beside William in suits, has ensured they are positioned as equals.

“This has been very different from a traditional Royal tour – it has so much more purpose in Earthshot and the Princess’s wardrobe reflects that.

“She is no Diana arm candy. As a couple, they are selling us an image of a professional power couple, while the Sussexes are selling us their love story.”

At the end of a visit to Harvard University on Friday, Kate went on a walkabout to greet well-wishers, posing for selfies and receiving flowers.

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Allison Morgan, 37, spent £870 ($1,000) on flights and a hotel to travel from Williamsburg, Virginia, to see the Waleses

She said: “She thanked us for coming out in the cold. It was worth every cent. I’m a huge fan of the royals. My mum was a fan of Diana and my grandmother a fan of the Queen. It is a family tradition.

“I have huge love for them and write and send cards. I do think Harry and Meghan could be more supportive to their brother and brother-in-law.

“They should be supporting Catherine and William when they are in Boston.”

The Earthshot event staged this year in the city is one of the highlights of the Prince of Wales’s official calendar. It was dubbed the future King’s “World Cup moment” by Hannah Jones, the Earthshot Prize’s chief executive officer.

Celebrities who walked the green carpet at the awards ceremony included Hollywood actor Rami Malek and former England football captain David Beckham. Artists performing on the night included Billie Eilish, Annie Lennox, Ellie Goulding and Beyonce proteges Chloe x Halle.

Malek, who presented the Fix Our Climate award, spelled out the environmental dilemma facing the planet before the ceremony, saying: “This is the greatest crisis we are facing in our lifetime and it will probably be the greatest crisis future generations are facing as well.

“But, hopefully, we can lessen that challenge for them by the actions we take right now. The innovation, the intelligent minds that are coming together to make changes and are being rewarded by the Earthshot Prize tonight will have a massive impact on what the world will look like.”

Organisers of Earthshot have brought in a number of green measures, from asking guests to dress sustainably by wearing vintage clothing or recycling outfits for future use, to ensuring the plants and flowers on display are grown locally.

Kate wore jewels from her late mother-in-law, Diana, Princess of Wales. She chose an emerald green, Solace London dress rented from the platform HURR and glittering heels.

The ceremony was the culmination of the three-day visit which some have claimed was overshadowed by a race row that saw William’s godmother Lady Susan Hussey resign as a royal aide.

She repeatedly questioned a prominent black, British-born domestic abuse charity boss over where she “really came from”.

William also met US president Joe Biden at the end of the royal’s visit to John F Kennedy’s Presidential Library and Museum.

They shared a 30-minute discussion which a Kensington Palace spokesman described as “warm, friendly and substantive”.

The spokesman said Mr Biden was keen to learn about Earthshot and some of the finalists’ stories, including the Great Bubble Barrier, a 2022 finalist in the Revive Our Oceans category.

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