Kate, Duchess of Cambridge reveals one of her favourite ‘privileges’ of being a royal

The Duchess of Cambridge was discussing with Giovanni Fletcher the 5 Big Question for the Under Fives campaign she launched. She told the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast that she enjoyed talking to people from “all walks of life” and that it was a “privilege” of her job within the Royal Family.  

The Duchess of Cambridge said: “One of the privileges of being in the family and having the job that I do is that you end up meeting a lot of people.

“Taking to a lot of people from all walks of life. 

“I feel like I know the things sometimes that people are struggling with.

“I think we are all so focused on our own environment and our own world that sometimes it is good to take a look outside of that and see the things lots of other people in society are struggling with, the same things and how everybody can pull together to try and do the best they can.”

Speaking to the official Kensington Palace Instagram the Duchess of Cambridge praised the response her survey had received. 

She said: “Parents, families and carers are at the heart of raising the next generation, and that’s why I feel so passionate about listening to them and listening to your thoughts and your views, and how best we can support you going forward.

“That’s why I’ve launched the 5 Big Questions to hear from as many people from society as possible.

“I’m really pleased over 200,000 people have filled out a survey, but it’s not too late to have your say.”

Earlier in the podcast, the Duchess of Cambridge has revealed the family member that gave her the experiences she tries to “incorporate” in her children’s lives.

The Duchess of Cambridge explained that she had a “quality relationship” with her granny when she was a child and that she now tries to “incorporate” the experiences her grandmother gave her into her parenting.  

During the interview, the Duchess of Cambridge was asked what parts of her childhood would she want to give her children. 

She said: “A few things really stand out for me, one is quality relationships.

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“So those moments that you spend with people around you, I remember that from my own childhood.

“I had an amazing granny who devoted a lot of for us.

“Playing with us, doing arts and crafts, doing gardening stuff and cooking with us.

“I try and incorporate a lot of the experiences she gave us at the time into the experiences I give my children now.”

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