Kate Middleton shares very surprising similarity with Labour leader Keir Starmer

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The Duchess of Cambridge gets her clothes perfectly tailored so that they fit perfectly. Similarly, Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, likes to ensure all his suits fit him to perfection.

Referring to Sir Keir’s timeless sense of style, The Times fashion Director Anna Murphy wrote: “If you can look beyond that lustrous Ken-doll hair — the kind that every man over 50 wants to have, and every woman over 50 wants her man to have — there’s the suit.

“It’s usually in that particular shade of blue, at once both bright and dark, that flatters the complexion of the British male like little else.

“And it always fits, in marked contrast to Boris Johnson’s and — yet more egregiously — Donald Trump’s.

“Said suit might even be called sharp, its very linearity definitive, albeit semantically confusing, proof that Starmer is the personification of the so-called soft left.”

Ms Murphy said Sir Keir’s secret may lie behind consuming ready-to-wear fashion that can be tailored to look like it is of higher quality.

She wrote: “It seems Starmer is utilising that old fashionista trick, then, buying off-the-peg clothes and then getting them fitted.

“This is many a front-rower’s way of pretending she is more expensive than she is.”

And according to the How Not to Wear Black author, Kate may be doing just the same.

The Duchess has been spotted in high street clothes that have been tweaked to elevate their look.

Ms Murphy wrote: “Conversely, it’s the Duchess of Cambridge’s way of pretending to be cheaper than she is.

“When Kate appears in something from a high street brand it has been tailored to fit her like a suitably regal glove.”

Prince William’s wife sense of style has influenced royal fans and brands across the world.

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Speaking to Marie Claire, David Reiss, Founder and Managing Director of Reiss, said: “There is no question that Kate choosing to wear Reiss has impacted our brand.

“We have noticed a significant increase in terms of brand interest and awareness globally, strengthening existing markets and attracting attention in markets we are yet to enter.”

Kate wore Reiss’s Shola dress to meet the Obamas in 2011, something that impacted the brand positively.

David Reiss, Founder and Managing Director of Reiss told Marie Claire: “The surge in web traffic following the release of the images caused our website to crash.

“The dress promptly sold out online when service was resumed.”

The Duchess’ endorsement also helped smaller niche brands grow in the fashion sphere.

Natasha Rufus Isaacs, co-founder of ethical fashion label Beulah told Marie Claire: “I was so excited the first time I found out that the Duchess had chosen to wear one of our dresses.

“We were a relatively unknown and young label, and it definitely helped spread the word about us and the cause that we support.”

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