Kate Middleton’s touching message to Charles during Philip’s funeral: ‘It’s ok’

Kate Middleton and William arrive at Kew Gardens for event

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The Duchess of Cambridge wowed royal fans this week as she joined her husband for a joint visit to London’s Kew Gardens. It saw her sport a bold green overcoat by Erdem paired with a matching knit sweater, black wide-leg trousers, and pointed-toe pumps. The visit was part of Prince William’s Generation Earthshot event, as he looked to inspire students at The Heathland School.

They were joined by Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, as well as explorer and naturalist Steve Backshall MBE and Olympian Helen Glover.

Kate’s appearance is symptomatic of an elevation in her responsibilities as the future Queen consort.

In recent years, many have noted how she has taken a more prominent role in public life.

Royal watchers took particular note of her part during the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral earlier this year, with opinions explored during Channel 5’s documentary, ‘Kate: Our Queen in Waiting’.

Bidisha, a broadcaster, said: “Something I noticed when I was watching the footage from Philip’s funeral is, how warm Kate Middleton was towards Charles.

“She’s saying, ‘It’s ok to show that we’re actually a family in the same way that all the other people are families.'”

But, as the documentary’s narrator noted: “That wasn’t the only example of Kate’s quiet diplomacy on the day.”

In the build up to Philip’s funeral, the fallout between Prince Harry and the rest of the family threatened to overshadow the event.

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Bidisha said: “Philip’s funeral happened at a very strange time in the story of the Royal Family.

“Instead of unity, the story has become the two princes, William and Harry, feuding.”

When Harry returned, it was the first time he had set foot on UK soil since sitting down with US talk show host Oprah Winfrey in March — a month before Philip’s death and funeral.

In fact, it was his first time back in the UK since stepping down as a senior royal last year.


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Kate and William’s ‘increasing difficulty’ in relationship 

Many scrutinised the event for any signs of tension between Harry and William.

But Kate appeared to move to reconcile the pair.

As everyone left the chapel following the ceremony, she walked with Harry.

William was ahead of them, and the Duchess sped up to catch him up, Harry following in tow.

Slowly, Kate drifted from the pair, leaving them to walk and talk on their own.

Bidisha said it was as if Kate was saying: ‘Look, you guys. You have to put forward a united front.”

It was the moment, noted Victoria Murphy, a royal author, that people had been “hoping to see”.

Any amicable relations did not last long, however.

Less than a month later, Harry appeared in a string of further broadcast interviews, taking aim yet again at the Royal Family.

Featuring on the podcast, ‘Armchair Expert’, he told host Dax Shepard of the “genetic pain and suffering” he had inherited from his royal lineage.

Later on in the same week, he starred in the first episode of his and Ms Winfrey’s series, ‘The Me You Can’t See’.

Intended to explore the mental health struggles of celebrities, Harry talked about the childhood trauma he faced after the death of his mother Princess Diana, and how he turned to drink and drugs to help “mask” his grief.

He has since returned to the UK only once to unveil a statue of his mother with William in July.

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