Kate opens up about Prince William’s past during candid chat – ‘I’ve heard a lot about it’

Kate Middleton discusses the importance of Remembrance

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Kate sat down for a lengthy and insightful chat with 98-year-old veteran Colonel David Blum OBE and 10-year old cub scout Emily Edge. Together, the trio discussed the importance of Remembrance across generations.

During their meeting at Royal Hospital Chelsea, Kate asked the pair to briefly speak about themselves.

Colonel Blum introduced himself touching upon his youth in the run-up to his fight in World War 2.

He said: “Well I was a Pimlico boy and I was called up for the Army.

“I was actually called up to Aberdeen. 

“Then I was selected for commissioning and I went to Sandhurst.”

Kate lightened the mood speaking about her own indirect knowledge of the royal academy in Berkshire, where all officers in the British Army are trained.

She said: “It was probably tougher then than it was when my husband did it, but I’ve heard a lot about Sandhurst.”

Joking, Colonel Blum said: “It had its moments.”

Kate chuckled as she commented: “I am sure!” 

William joined the academy after graduating from St Andrews University – where he had met Kate in 2001.

He was commissioned as an Army Officer in December 2006.

His graduation marked one of the first major public events Kate attended as the Duke’s girlfriend.

At the academy, she was also joined by her beloved parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, and the Queen. 

While her chat with Colonel Blum and Emily was filled with heartwarming and funny moments, it was also deeply moving.

Kate was left visibly saddened when hearing how Colonel Blum lost a friend in conflict just two days before the war ended.

Asked why Remembrance is so important to him, he said: “I have to say I lost a few friends.

“One in particular I remember, he was killed a day or two before the war ended. 

“That I must say affected me quite a bit.

“You wrote to their families to say how sorry you were to have to tell them about this…”

Kate asked: “This time of the year, is it lovely for you to reflect on not only the time that you served but also on your friends and loved ones that you sadly lost?”

Colonel Blum simply replied: “Yes, very much so.” 

The Duchess, who became co-president of the Scout Association earlier this year, was also impressed by Emily and her knowledge about the war and the meaning behind Remembrance events.

Moreover, Emily taught the veteran and the Duchess how to make a handmade red Remembrance poppy.

Commenting on hers, Kate said: “Emily, yours is far more beautiful than mine.”

At the end of their meeting, Kate acknowledged the scout’s commitment to remembering the fallen through activities and attending events and awarded her the Scout Remembrance Badge.  

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